Fun! The most boring household items in history

2019-12-24 09:54

In our daily life, creativity is everywhere. With the progress of intelligent technology and the improvement of people's life requirements, more and more creative smart home appliances come into our life and have an important impact on our quality of life. Intelligent gateway plays an important role in the smart home system, and gets more and more attention. Let's share two creative smart gateway designs.

1、 Design of smart gateway with small technology

This smart gateway is fashionable in design, simple and compact in shape, with black shell and atmospheric technology, fashionable in texture and in line with modern smart home style. At the same time, its overall design conforms to ergonomics, human-computer interaction design is humanized, operation is very simple, and has a good user experience. Through mobile app, remote operation and one button scene control of lights, curtains, electric doors and windows, security devices, smart home appliances and other devices in the family can be realized, providing users with intelligent, simple and comfortable family life experience.

2、 Intelligent gateway design of simple atmosphere

This intelligent gateway design is simple and atmospheric, with excellent appearance and streamline design and silver plated fine surface, 360 degree maintains its unique elegance and delicacy, giving people affinity, delicacy and fashion beauty. Humanized design, pursuit of details, three convenient modes to simply solve the practical use concerns. Scientific and reasonable design of internal antenna, double in and double out, ensure high quality transmission and coverage of WiFi signal. Unique hardware encryption technology, anti-theft level protection, even if intercepted can not be cracked, more secure use. Through face recognition, scene recognition, complex retrieval and other professional technologies, the local and remote intelligent processing of large quantities of pictures and images can be realized, with better experience.

Creative design is to make products more suitable for life and give more interest to life by another different way of expression of simple things or concepts or ideas. In the future, there will be more excellent smart home appliances in our life. In addition to the above-mentioned smart gateway design, there are smart TVs, smart locks, smart refrigerators and so on. Good smart home appliances can make people's life more convenient, and make our family life more convenient, comfortable and energy-saving.